Trust & Safety

When you are on the road, Child Safety is the most important consideration.

Our main goal is to make goBaby safe, secure and trustworthy for everyone in our community. This is why we are constantly working on improving Trust & Safety features of goBaby.

How We Build Trust

  • ID Verification

    Owners verify their identity in accordance with Know Your Customer regulations with the help of Stripe platform used for payment processing.

  • Gear Quality

    Gear owners are required to verify their items against the National Recall Database and attest to that their listings are free of defect or damage.

  • Community Reviews

    Reviews are collected from the owner and the renter following every transaction in order to self regulate our community. Reviews are left for both parties so you can hear first hand about other people's experiences with the goBaby community.

  • Privacy

    We never share anyone's information until reservation is confirmed. Once it is confirmed, owner and renters can communicate using our built-in Chat without the need to share private information, such as phone #s or emails.