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Rent baby and child equipment from locals.
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    available items by location, dates, item category, and delivery/pickup information.

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    by either getting it delivered to you or picking it up.

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    to the owner by either delivering it or getting it picked up by the owner.

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    Once transaction is complete, we will process the payment and charge the credit card on file.


goBaby launched nationally in December 2016. As of today, we have inventory across 27 states in the US and are growing daily. Please feel free to post your baby item in any US location. If you are looking to rent an item in a location that is currently not available, we encourage you to let us know and we will do our best to find you the item you need!

  • You can search available items by location, dates, item category, and delivery/pickup information.
  • Every listing provides detailed item information including photos, description, location, and reviews.
  • Once you select an item, you will be able to submit a booking request.
  • When your booking is accepted by the owner, we will place a temporary hold on your credit card for the amount of Security Deposit specified, which will be released in full when the item is returned. PLEASE NOTE: In an event the item is not returned or is damaged, goBaby reserves the right to continue the hold on security deposit until the issue is resolved.
  • The system will notify you via email, push notification and system alert about the status of your booking request. It will also provide pickup/delivery information once your booking request is accepted.
  • The system will remind you about your upcoming reservation 24 hours before.

As parents, we take safety very seriously! The app has built-in features that help maintain the quality of items available for rent, as well as verification of the item owner's identity. In the coming weeks we will also be adding a recall check list feature which will check items that are uploaded to goBaby to verify that they are not on a national recall list.

Item owners can choose to deliver the item to you for an extra charge (or for free). You can also pick-up the item from the owner. Detailed pickup/delivery information is provided for every listing.

In the nearest future, goBaby will be offering delivery via integration with several delivery service providers.

We do everything we can to ensure all listings on goBaby are of the highest quality. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that this will be the case 100% of the time. This is why we have a review system in place that allows our renters to provide detailed feedback to our item owner. We encourage our renter to choose listings based on reviews.

We charge item renters a transaction fee of 8%.

Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to