For Owners

Earn money by renting out items you already own.

Our marketplace is being created by parents for parents with quality and safety in mind. To ensure this we verify that all items listed are in good condition, clean, and safe.

  • Snap a picture

    Take a few great shots of the item you want to rent out. Write a few sentences about the item, and set your pricing.

  • Choose how your renters can get the item.

    Would you like them to pick up the item or can you drop off? If you are going to deliver it, how far are you willing to go? Will you charge a fee for delivering it? If not, provide some instructions on how the renter can pick up the time.

  • Receive reservations through our app.

    Convenient email and app notifications make sure you never miss a potential renter.

  • Review requests and choose whether to accept them.

    Give the item to the renter at the appointed time, either by delivery or pick-up.

  • Get your baby item returned

    by picking it up or having the renter drop it off.

  • Review clients.

    Tell other people how your interaction was so they can know whether they want to work with the person in the future.

  • Get your money!

    Once the rental is complete, we will process the payment. You'll get your money deposited directly into your Stripe Merchant account.


goBaby launched nationally in December 2016. As of today, we have inventory across 35 states in the US and are growing daily. Please feel free to post your baby item in any US location. If you are looking to rent an item in a location that is currently not available, we encourage you to let us know and we will do our best to find you the item you need!

  • Click on Listings
  • Click on the + sign
  • Select Category of the item
  • Complete Listing Information section
  • Preview and activate your listing

While you can charge any price you want, here are some Daily Price recommendations for the most popular items:

  • Crib: $10 - $50 / day
  • Stroller: $15 - $40 / day
  • Car Seat: $12 - $25 / day
  • High Chair: $10 - $25 / day
  • Bike: $15 - $35 / day

As the owner, you can choose to deliver your item within a certain mile radius for an extra charge. You can also make your items available for pick-up by the renter. You will be able to specify delivery/pickup conditions when you post your item.

In the nearest future, goBaby will be offering delivery via integration with several delivery service providers.

Once your item is listed on goBaby, it will be searchable by potential renters. When a renter is interested, they will submit a booking request, which will be delivered to you via email, push notification, and a system alert. You will review and respond to the request by either accepting or rejecting it. If you accept the booking request, you will be able to provide the renter with delivery/pickup information and notify the system when your items is picked up. You will notify the system again once your item is returned, so that we can process the payment.

goBaby uses Stripe Connect for payment processing. We require that each item owner creates their own Standalone Stripe Account. This way, goBaby never receives the transaction money, instead it gets deposited directly into owner's account. Further, Stripe helps us with Identity Verification and Tax Reporting.

When you list your item, we recommend that you specify a Security Deposit fee that will cover your item in an unlikely event of theft or damage. At present, goBaby does not offer insurance, but we are working on this, and hope to be able to offer extra coverage soon.

We charge item owners a transaction fee of 10%.

goBaby's goal is to make travel easier for families, therefore we strongly encourage our owners not to cancel reservations as this may cause great inconvenience for our renters. If, however, you have an extraordinary circumstance and need to cancel, please reach out to us at

Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to