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$5/ day

Toddler Snow Sled

EXCITING OUTDOOR PLAYTIME – Toddlers need not be excluded from the big kids’ playtime – this sled makes the fun of sledding available for the little ones, too! With its extra-long tow rope, you can pull your kids through the snow, up small hills, or watch them coast down gentle hills and have tons of fun! EXCELLENT STABILITY AND DURABILITY – This sled is recommended for kids ages three and younger. ERGONOMIC SEATING – The elevated back and seat rest include cushioned pads for comfortable seating, along with a snap-lock seat belt to safely secure your child. SAFE TO USE – The raised foot support rail and seat area keep toddlers safe and dry above the cold snow. There are additional tracking rails at the base that ensure that the sled travels in a safe, straight direction.
Pickup & Delivery infoDeliveries are made between 10am and 4pm. We work closely with many of the resorts and concierge services in the Valley, so special arrangements can be made outside of our normal hours. Of course, we can always work with you and your arrival times. All pick-ups should be ready by 11:00am on day of departure, unless previous arrangements have been made.

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