Traveling With Baby

Published:13 January 2017Back to posts

This post is written by McKenzie Collier, a goBaby Ambassador from Chicago.

McKenzie lives in Chicago with her husband and 7 month old daughter. She is a nurse, a runner, and a baby gear enthusiast! She enjoys healthy cooking/baking, hosting parties, trying new restaurants, and of course exploring new places.

My husband and I, we’ve got a bug…a travel bug! We love escaping our normal non-routine and seeing what the world has to offer! We love visiting cities and eating their eats, drinking their drinks, and taking in their scenery. We love sleeping in, drinking coffee in bed, and walking miles with no real destination in mind. We are addicted to this thing called travel.

For the past few years we’ve made it a point to travel once a month. We both have jobs where we create our own schedules, so why not go somewhere if we have 5 days off?!

We declared 2015 to be “the year of us”. We went to places like Boston, Bend, Oregon, Savannah, Georgia, Asheville, North Carolina, Santa Barbara, Breckenridge, New Orleans, and Puerto Rico. We knew we were planning to start a family soon and wanted to go out in style! We were unsure if we would maintain our current lifestyle while pregnant and after baby.

I got pregnant in the fall of 2015 and life went on as usual! We still traveled once a month but I needed daily naps and sipped water with dinner instead of wine. We took our last flight as a couple when I was 38 weeks pregnant. One week later our baby girl arrived!

We didn’t fly with our girl until she was 12 weeks old. We were having fun exploring Chicago and felt like our whole summer was a vacation in our own city! Right before I went back to work we booked a trip to Toronto, Canada. We ate, we drank, we walked, we napped, we ordered room service, but mostly we cherished being a family and having a new travel buddy! We made dinner reservations for three instead of two and our little babe slept under the table while we ate. It turns out that just as we thought our adventures were over, we realized, they were only just beginning!

Our first travel experience was a positive one. We didn’t overthink things, overpack or worry about our baby crying on the plane. We kept it simple. Each of us checked a suitcase and carried a backpack. I wore my baby in the @Sollybaby wrap and my husband carried our @mountainbuggy Nano on his shoulder. Other than that our hands were free! No car seat, no carry-on suitcase, no oversized stroller to fold up at the gate. It was traveling with ease versus traveling with too much crap to carry!

I am wearing a @MilkSnob nursing cover on the left and carrying my baby in a @sollybabywrap on the right.

Once we landed in Toronto we grabbed our bags and loaded into a cab with baby on my chest. Our hotel was a 5 minute ride away. Fussing with a car seat wasn’t worth the amount of time we actually spent in a cab and it made the trip so easy. We felt like our old selves but with really cute cargo!

We have taken our baby on four flights since then and are happy to incorporate her into our monthly ritual. We feel fortunate to be able to see this beautiful world and look forward to the many different places we will experience with our girl. As quoted by Lewis Carroll from Alice in Wonderland “Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures…”