goBaby Goes National!

Published:23 December 2016Back to posts

Over the past couple of months since we officially launched goBaby in NYC, we’ve been delighted to see moms and dads all over thrilled by the introduction of a way to finally take the stress out of family travel.

From parenting media and top mommy blogs, to recently winning the #SalesforceGROW pitch-off, people all over have been calling goBaby a “game changer” and a “top parenting hack”… and, well, we agree!

Big news!

We’re excited to announce that we are launching goBaby in several new markets to meet the demand we’ve seen from parents across the country. So starting immediately, people with unused children equipment (strollers, car seats, high chairs, toys, etc.) in San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Orlando, Los Angeles and Austin can upload their items to the goBaby app and make some easy cash!

This means that parents traveling to these destinations will soon be able to identify members of the goBaby community with items for rent near their destinations — thus, eliminating the need to plan, pack and lug their children’s equipment with them!!

Here’s a refresher on how goBaby works:

For equipment renters:

  1. Search available items by location, dates, item category, and delivery/pickup information.
  2. Select an item and submit a booking request.
  3. Get the item from the owner by either getting it delivered to you or picking it up.
  4. Return the item back to the owner by either delivering it or getting it picked up by the owner.
  5. Pay.

For equipment owners:

  1. Take a photo of the item you want to rent out. Provide brief description and set pricing.
  2. Choose delivery method: delivery or pickup by the renter.
  3. Give the item to the renter.
  4. Get your item back: pickup or delivery by the renter.
  5. Get paid

New Features:

Community Chat

To help make getting the items you need for your travels even easier, we’ve included a new chat feature in the latest version of the app. Users can now chat with each other once they’ve made a confirmed reservation.

Have a question about the stroller you’re renting? Need directions to where to pick it up? Or maybe you just want to know some of the best kid friendly places in town. Ask away!

Safety first, second and third!

Another feature we are very excited to add in the coming weeks is our Recall Check List which allows members who upload items to ensure that the item they are putting up for rent has not been placed on a national recall list. This of course offers additional peace of mind for those renting equipment, knowing that the items they rent meet top quality and safety standards.

So should you Download goBaby?

Well, if you have some unused baby equipment lying around the house and wouldn’t mind making some easy extra income, or wish you didn’t have to spend so much time, energy and money worrying about having the gear you need for your kids during your travels, then YES, yes you should!