Families Who Travel Together

Published:04 May 2018Back to posts

For some families, travel is more than an annual vacation – it is a lifestyle. In this blog post, we want to introduce you to four such families and share their tips about traveling with children.

The Stoen Family


Children: 3 (ages 8, 10 and 12)

Countries Traveled: 49

Eric Stoen was an avid traveler his whole life – and then he got married and had kids – and continued to travel with them. In an unconventional approach, the Stoen family has been letting their kids make decisions about destinations since age four. They “make travel all about the kids.” In their minds, travel destinations best for kids are sometimes chosen by… kids! A key takeaway for parents who travel with children: be flexible.

The Denning Family


Children: 7 

Countries traveled: 30+

 In 2007, the Greg and Rachel decided to become nomads and travel the world. At the time, they had four children under the age of four. Now with seven kids, they’ve been traveling for more than a decade.

Flying with children (especially so many) is a particular challenge, so the Dennings advise “booking an evening flight so they can sleep on the plane.” 

Traveling with a young family can be expensive,” they write in their blog. “…the last thing you want is to incur unnecessary costs during your vacation.” The Dennings recommend doing your research – reading the fine print on air travel sites, checking baggage allowances in advance, and looking into travel insurance.

The Burns Family

Blog: http://www.ourtravellifestyle....

Children: 2 (ages 4 and 6)

Colin and Tracy had a regular life: a house in the suburbs, full-time jobs, two kids. They decided to give it all up to travel the world with their kids, and they haven’t looked back. For tips on flying with kids, they say: “There’s no such thing as too much television.”

Tracy describes the importance of bringing many snacks: “I used to pack just a few snacks. Now I have an all-you-can-eat buffet that would daunt a sumo wrestler and end up ordering from the inflight service.

Miranda Stamps and Jay Albany


Children: 2 (4-year-old twins)

Miranda and Jay lived in New York City with their twin sons, but decided that the hustle-and-bustle life wasn’t the best for raising children. Instead, they wanted their kids to explore the wilderness and see life outside the big city. They packed up their van, and set out on what is now a two-year road trip with the kids.

Finding lots of activities for children has been easy, given the vast natural wonders they have visited. Miranda writes about her travels with children: “I wanted to spend time as a family. Not to show them and teach them, but to learn from them and with them and to share and to enjoy together.”

To Sum Up

These families may have taken travel to the extreme, but Eric Stoen sums it up best: “There are a lot of ways to travel with kids – the most important thing is just doing it.”

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