Hikes With Family And Pets: How To Keep Everyone Safe

Published:10 October 2017Back to posts

Safety is a pertinent issue for everyone, when hiking be sure to consider the following safety tips to keep you and all your family members safe. First, before you even embark on the hike make sure to acquire the right gear for you and your family. Train your children how to put on their gear, how to use it, including in the case of an emergency and what to do with the item if it breaks or if they no longer want to wear it. 

What You Must Bring

Key items for children to have, include a whistle that is easy to access and use, and a bag filled with essentials such as rain clothing, a space blanket to keep them warm, snacks, water bottles and season specific clothing items. Explain the correct procedure to follow if they become separated from you while on the hike. The system to follow in the event of your child going missing would be for them to find a tree and not move. 

Where to Stay

By staying in one spot, it is easier to locate you than if you were constantly moving, then once the child has picked the exact spot, they should blow the whistle and not scream as the screaming might not carry through exactly how they would want it to. Moving on to the day of the hike, make sure to be fully aware of what kind of route you will be taking to plan for any hard or slippery parts and how to deal with these situations. 

Things You Will Encounter

If at any point during your hike, you know that you are going to be coming across a body of water, such as rapids or a waterfall, be sure to practice water safety at all times and keep everyone safe, especially the little ones who may not understand just how powerful wild rivers are. Children can quickly slip into the river on soft and slippery pebbles that line the water surface, as could your dog, so be sure to be on the lookout at all times. 

Safety First!

An extremely important conversation to have with your children before you embark on the hiking trip is to explain not only the buddy system and how they have to stick together at all times, but also that while they are out in nature that they should not go wandering off or start playing hide and seek. This goes without saying but make sure that at all times during the hike that you can see all of your family members, including your dog. 

Make sure that both your children and your animals are outfitted with bright clothing and accessories making them easier to locate in an emergency, while camouflage might be cool, the game of ‘I’m lost, please find me” is not nearly as exciting. Therefore, in your face colors, prints and patterns are the order of the day, for your dog you could put him on a brightly colored collar, backpack or scarf to help keep him in your line of sight if you aren’t using a leash. 


If you’re wondering if hiking is the right thing for you and your whole family, rest assured not only will kids but your dogs will also adore the experience. Different types of German Shepherds especially, are fantastic dogs if you are looking for a long-term hiking partner. There are many things to prepare before you embark on a hike with your dog make sure you have all the necessary supplies, equipment, First Aid and snacks. 

Bio: Sarah writes for Crazy Pet Guy. She enjoys spending time with her pets and hopes that her blog will encourage more people to do the same.