An easier way to travel with kids is born: goBaby Launches in NYC!

Published:18 October 2016Back to posts

While traveling with young children can create some of the best travel moments of our lives, it can also create some of the most stressful when we end up packaging, lugging and unloading tons of baby and child gear on our trips. Not to mention the times where we bring everything under the sun, but somehow manage to forget the one thing we really need!

After a trip to Chicago, where I was able to borrow a car from a friend, but couldn’t find an easy way to rent a car seat, I decided I’d had enough and was determined to prevent mothers and fathers around the world from ripping their hair out.

As an entrepreneur myself, the sharing economy was a natural place to turn to for a solution. We’ve trusted sites like Airbnb and Uber to make traveling easier and more affordable than ever. What if we could replicate that with an on-demand community that allows us to rent the gear we need for our children when we need it — eliminating the need to bring it with us or incur extra travel expenses by buying it at our destination. Thus, the idea for goBaby was born.

Over the past year or so we’ve been working hard to build a trusted community of parents that make up the goBaby marketplace, and developing an app that makes traveling with children easier and more than ever before. Our equipment (strollers, car seats, high chairs, toys, outdoor gear & more) is available at a fraction of the cost of buying equipment or even renting from traditional providers. In addition, items on goBaby are thoroughly rated and reviewed by our community to ensure quality, cleanliness and safety.

Here’s how it works:

For equipment renters:

  1. Search available items by location, dates, item category, and delivery/pickup information.
  2. Select an item and submit a booking request.
  3. Get the item from the owner by either getting it delivered to you or picking it up.
  4. Return the item back to the owner by either delivering it or getting it picked up by the owner.
  5. Pay.

For equipment owners:

  1. Take a photo of the item you want to rent out. Provide brief description and set pricing.
  2. Choose delivery method: delivery or pickup by the renter.
  3. Give the item to the renter.
  4. Get your item back: pickup or delivery by the renter.
  5. Get paid

For now, we’re launching in NYC to help the 10 million+ U.S. families who visit the city annually rent exactly what they need, when they need it, and enable the 360K-500K families in the Big Apple who have at least one child under age 3 make some extra cash from the unused baby equipment they have lying around the house. We plan to launch in other major cities soon and will keep you updated on our plans.

So download goBaby today and spend more time making travel memories with your family and less time worrying about having the gear you need!