Denmark – If you haven’t been, add it to your list!

Published:14 August 2017Back to posts

Madeleine Novich, Ph.D. is a Harlem-based mom and post-doctoral fellow at Rutgers School of Criminal Justice. Her research focuses on policing and perceptions of police behavior and legitimacy among criminalized populations - including gang members and sex workers. She was recently awarded a grant from Civic Hall Labs and The Robert Wood Foundation to build a mobile platform, called ReportedPD, that records stories of positive and negative police interactions (app now available for iPhone and Android users). In her spare time, she travels the world with her family, publishes on her lifestyle blog (, and explores New York City with her son.

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My family and I travel often, taking 2 to 3 international trips each year. We started bringing our 3-year-old son, Jack, overseas when he was 6 months old.  Currently, he has over 10 countries (Germany, Demark, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Curacao) proudly stamped in his passport (my husband and I have over 30).  As avid travelers, families always ask which has been our favorite trip.  While we are hesitant to pick a top destination as each nation as unique and wonderful qualities, we typically suggest Denmark – especially when traveling with kids. We took our son for his second birthday. 

Denmark is an amazing country and easily accessible with a stroller and every venue is kid friendly.  Everyone also speaks English perfectly so we had no trouble getting around.  Most importantly for us (as we avoid using cars as much as possible), public transit and the rail systems took us all over easily and efficiently.  During our time there, we visited castles, parks, small towns, and walked Copenhagen from one end to the other.  If you are looking for your next travel destination, we highly recommend Denmark. 

If you go, check out our top suggestions for sites to visit:

Copenhagen – this is sprawling metropolis easily walkable with a stroller.  While we could have taken the subway and busses, we opted to walk the entire city.  We stopped at Rosenborg Castle and played in the dragon playground outside the castle walls. 

Rosenborg Castle

Dragon Playground

We strolled through the pedestrian walkways of Strøget shopping and snacking.  We climbed the spiral path up the The Round Tower to catch a view of the city. Jack was more interested in the telescopes than the view but mom and dad loved it. 

We watched the boats during a dusk stroll of Nyhavn and though Tivoli Amusement park was closed, we eyeballed the activities through the tall iron gates. 

Copenhagen is also great from which to do day trips – especially since we found the trains so easy to navigate.  A super close spot was Dyrehaven.  Accessible on the public transit lines, we packed our picnic and headed for this park.  What made this place so special was that it was filled with deer of all types. We saw packs of deer running through the fields and stately stags walking amongst the trees. My son was in awe of the gorgeous beasts that strolled casually through the forest. 

Jack watching packs of deer running in Dyrehaven

Our next favorite day trip was visiting Kronborg Castle (also known as Hamlet’s Caslte).  We spent the day walking the halls of this ancient structure.  While we should have packed a picnic because the food options were not so great in the area, we still enjoyed our trip. 

Inside Hamlet’s Castle

Our favorite castle, however, was Frederiksborg Castle.  This was one of the most beautiful castles we’ve ever seen – and we have seen a ton.  The inside of the walls, adorned with art, marble, and turn of the century furniture matched the elegant landscaped gardens behind it.  It was simply stunning and we feel that Frederiksborg Castle is a must for anyone traveling to Copenhagen. 

Frederiksborg Castle