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Published:23 May 2017Back to posts

Apps have drastically changed the way we travel. With a handheld computer at our fingertips, we can plan a trip in a matter of minutes. Any booking or reservations can all be made online or through an app, and if it’s that easy to travel, why wouldn’t you?

Furthermore, thousands of apps are popping up within the realm of a shared economy, which allows consumers to rent and use products on the go. UberCouchsurfing, and Airbnb are all examples of apps where anyone can rent out their resources to anyone with a smartphone. Using such resources has become a way to promote sustainability, as well as save money on goods and services. And who doesn’t like to have extra money?

goBaby joined this revolution just 6 months ago, but has immensely grown since then. goBaby was started with the goal of being the Airbnb of baby gear. If your family is planning to travel cross country and you are dreading the long walks hauling the stroller, car seats, BabyBjorn’s, and anything else you brought for the kids, this app is right up your alley.

Lucky for you, there is no better time to join than now! Growing to over 30 states, as well as over 700 users, it’s time to go over how goBaby works again.

First, let’s go over the steps for owners:

  1. Download the app! Kind of hard to start your mini business without the marketplace for your goods.
  2. Gather all gently used baby gear: cribs, strollers, car seats, and even high chairs. goBaby also offers options under ‘bath & potty’, ‘large toys’, and ‘outdoor gear’ to expand your list of products.
  3. Set up your profile. Add your name, email, phone number, address, and a selfie (or an avatar if you are shy), and you’re on your way!
  4. Start adding your equipment to the app! Take good photos and give helpful descriptions of your item(s). Helpful hint: state in the title if you live close to any major locations such as airports, downtown, or hotels!
  5. Name your price! You can set a daily, weekly, or monthly price, as well as set a security deposit for your gear if you wish to do so.
  6. Add your address. You can be as specific as you’d like. Take note that if you’d rather be more private about your location, set up your Pickup/Delivery Info as delivery only.
  7. When someone requests for an item of yours, get the equipment to the renter, and then get paid after getting the gear back! Simple as that.

Now for those looking to rent gear while traveling, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Download that app first of course! Figure out a list of everything you need to rent, and start browsing!
  2. Choose your location, pickup and dropoff dates, and category to browse through. You’ll find many great selections spread out across the country!
  3. Once you’ve picked out what you want to rent, make a booking request. Add your form of payment, and whether you want to pick up the equipment or have it delivered to you.
  4. After reading the terms and conditions, click ‘Book’, and you’re on your way to the start of a stress-free vacation!

As goBaby grows, it’s important to take note some of the recent updates!

If you’re an owner looking for more exposure, share your items on Facebook. It’s a great way to showcase the the equipment you have, as well as promote goBaby! You can do this by tapping on any listing, and hitting the Share button. Simple as that!

The app improves every single day, but that would not be possible without it’s users and consumers. Help us build on our family travel ecosystem by sharing your products and sparking online buzz about goBaby!

If you already have the goBaby app, make sure you update it for all the improved features. Besides sharing gear listings on Facebook, users will notice a completely new and improved booking screen.

goBaby would also like to announce their partnership with Bebe Voyage, a “global community of parents providing local knowledge and practical advice on how to travel with small children.”

On the site you can find tons of advice, such as itineraries of several different destinations, packing lists, and advice blogs. An amazing online community and resource for parents all around the world!

There is much more in store for goBaby in the near future, so keep checking out our social media outlets.

Follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest, and of course, keep reading our blogs! If you haven’t already, download the app or update it if you already have it. Stay tuned for more to come!